Career Requirements

Age: more then 12 years

qualificaition: Matric or above

Language: English, Urdu

Experience: More then 1 years

Note: also know about the digital marketing with experience.

Age: more then 18 years

Qualificaton: Matric or above

Quality: Problem solving skills

Experience:More then 2 years in any instituture.

Age: More then 18 years

Qualification: BS(English)

Experience: More the 3 years

Note: Also know the stratigies of google and know about SEO 

Age: More then 12 years

Qualification: Matric 

Language: English, Urdu 

Note: Online and home based work is available.

We are hiring a WordPress developer.

Age: more then 20 years

Qualification: Inter

Experience: More then 5 years

Age: More htan 18 years

Qualification: BS or more

Experience: More than 3 years

Note: Also know the strategies if google and know about SEO